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Bathroom Fitting Crawley: Welcome


Arguably, your bathroom is the most important room in your home. It’s the room you visit several times a day and it should be the one you like being in.

It must be refreshing as you start your day and get ready to step out for work. Plus, you go in there before bed, so it needs to be calming as well.

Is your bathroom like this?

If not, it’s time for a bathroom refit! Thankfully, you can hire a professional bathroom fitting and installation service in Crawley at an affordable cost.

Why Hire A Professional Bathroom Fitter?

A well-serviced bathroom is necessary for your home as it eases many of your daily chores. But, you can get it only when you hire professionals like us. We will never go wrong in fixing your bathroom issues because of our expertise.

Here are the top benefits of our bathroom fitting & installation service:

  • Accurate bathroom estimates

  • Keeps to your budget

  • A variety of bathroom designs and accessories

  • Quality of workmanship

  • Quality of overall finish

We have been experts in bathroom fitting and installation in Crawley, West Sussex for many years. Our skilled specialists know how to create functional and beautiful bathrooms for properties of all sizes.

What’s Involved in Our Bathroom Installation?

We follow an advanced approach that ends with you getting a beautiful bathroom within your budget. Once you recognise the problems with your current bathroom and reach out to our experts, we will begin your project:

  • We identify current issues with your bathroom and present potential solutions for them

  • We create a plan based on our discussion

  • We arrange custom materials

  • We install the new materials

  • We check with you to know if you are fully satisfied with your new bathroom

  • We answer all of the questions you  may have before, during and after the bathroom installation process

We are expert bathroom fitters that are well-versed with all the aspects of your bathroom installation needs. From electrical & plastering needs to plumbing & tiling, we can handle everything.

We Boost Your Home’s Value

With a functional toilet, bathroom floor, tub, vanity, and tile surround, we can increase the resale value of your home. Plus, we can help you save money on utility bills by installing energy-efficient fixtures, LED lights, etc.

Your fitted bathroom needs to be practically functional, aesthetically beautiful, and most importantly, livable. At 10 Building Maintenance, our experience and trained team of specialists offers a wide range of perspectives to make sure each aspect is properly addressed.

Give us a call today at <number> to discuss the needs of your new fitted bathroom. We look forward to talking to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your installers insured and qualified?

Yes. All of our bathroom installers in Crawley are fully insured, qualified, and certified to work on all bathroom projects.

Can I view your previous bathroom works?

Absolutely! We can show our previous works so that you know the standard of our working style.

What if there is any leak after the bathroom fitting work?

Firstly, there’s no chance of it with our qualified bathroom fitters. In case you notice, call us straight away, and we will quickly fix it.

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