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Painting and decorating is either commercial or residential. Though there are different details between these two, it's important to know the difference for large scale painting projects such as a store front, office or factory. Commercial painters and decorators work with complex surfaces and need proper tools while homeowners can get away with smaller paint rollers at home.

If you want to paint a commercial property, hire a professional company who specialise in painting projects for business premises.

With long lasting, high build cladding coating we can make any industrial building look like new. We use a fungicidal wash to remove algae and our 3000 psi pressure washes away corroded surfaces. Our team is able to fill holes in your exterior as well as carefully mask signage or replace it entirely upon request.

We work with all the leading paint manufacturers to provide technical support, including specification and interior design development. Our painters and decorators can tailor a painting solution that suits your company needs using our expertise in this area!

Reliable Crawley West Sussex commercial painting and decorating service

While commercial painters don't compromise on quality, they are less concerned about the quality and safety of their paints. These painting projects serve a very limited purpose. Most business owners won't spend a lot on paints, with the exception of a few restaurants and hotels.

Our painting service can also used to waterproof buildings. 10 Building Maintenance LTD can carry out commercial painting and decorating projects for hotels, care homes, offices and blocks of flats. Let us help you stand out among the rest by getting in touch with us today.

Crawley and the surrounding areas are served by industrial painting contractors. Airless spraying is a cost-effective and fast method to cover large areas. We are experienced in the lease end dilapidation of factories, warehouses and industrial units. We are experts in industrial coatings and can help you with industrial painting projects.

Cladding painting - We can paint and spray industrial cladding, fibre board, and wood cladding. Cladding painting projects come with a 10-year guarantee

Stadium Painters - Large-scale cyclical painting for stadiums and sports fields.

Decorating company for offices - We transform office spaces using durable paint finishes and large vinyl wall coverings.

School decorators - Working with many schools and colleges to complete internal and exterior painting projects.

Our goal is to offer professional, honest and affordable decorating services. We invest in staff training and ensure projects are safely and properly supervised. We take pride in what we do. We can achieve long-lasting finishes by using premium brand paints and coatings.

10 Building Maintenance LTD has been working on commercial painting and decorating contracts for hospitals, factories, prisons, and universities for many years. Despite the fact that commercial projects can be complex, our professionalism allows us to deliver these challenging projects safely and reliably.

Our team works in partnership with our customers to ensure the highest quality and minimal disruption to their day-to-day activities. Every commercial painting project is assessed individually and managed by a professional Contracts Manager. Performance management is also a part of contracts. Customer feedback drives continuous improvement in all aspects, from quality and safety to environmental and site setup.

Each redecoration project is handled by our commercial painting site teams. This allows us to be familiar with the site by our lead foreman or Contracts Manager. We can then adapt to the various work demands. To ensure safety on the site and avoid accidental damage, our experienced and trained commercial painters will make sure that all works are secured. To meet tight deadlines, we have employed painters directly to augment site teams.

Professionals are the best choice for commercial painting

We have the industry expertise and support of supply chains to offer a variety of specifications for life cycle planning. These can range from low-cost options for communal areas that are regularly maintained to more durable solutions for buildings that are rarely redecorated.

Our dedicated painters work tirelessly to complete redecoration projects with minimum disruption to customers, staff and the public. We will make sure that all areas are well-lit and there is no obstruction to safe access.

Industrial Painter and Decorator Crawley West Sussex

A good understanding of your environment is essential when choosing a commercial painter. Some commercial properties are just offices where employees come and go every day, while others can have as many as 500 customers per day. Depending on how much wear they will get, industrial and commercial paints can have very different constituents.

Our commercial painting contractors can be reached on 01293 369124 to discuss all your commercial painting needs. Many projects have been completed, including factory painting and industrial coatings in the UK. We offer the best industrial coating and commercial painting services to UK businesses.

Our expertise includes specialist paints, anti-slip coatings, roof coatings, and almost any other surface application.

Crawley Painting and Decorating for Businesses

No matter the size of your decorating or painting project, we can help.

Get in touch for a free quote or site visit to discuss your painting decorating project.

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